Bragfolder in education

Helping to give students a head start

Bragfolder brings your students' profiles to life. Whether they're in University, School, or College; a Bragfolder profile will give depth to their time in education. 

Students can demonstrate the qualities that employers are looking for. Things like dedication, commitment, drive, empathy and many other soft skills valued so highly in today's modern work environment. So as well as academic achievement, their time in education can show a broad range of personality traits through things such as sport, drama, music, projects, mentoring, art, charity work, part-time work, clubs and work experience.

It is a platform they can access easily and encourages them to really aim high, achieve their goals and demonstrate to potential employers all that they have to offer. — Donna Mason - Careers Adviser 

Its a free platform you can roll out to your students to help them prepare for life outside education. They can get tips from experts on how to present a CV and use our unique interactive CV function to build themselves a truly standout CV. Students can also view employer pages giving them details of available roles and a more in depth look at careers open to them. 


It's easy to register, easy to use and it costs nothing. Bragfolder is a powerful aid for helping your students and enabling careers advisers to demonstrate how they're achieving Gatsby benchmarks

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