Stand out, show the best of you

Why Bragfolder?


The modern job market has changed rapidly in the last 10 years and will do so even more in the next 10 years. The type of jobs available have changed, as have the needs of employers. A fast growing number of employers are looking at the whole individual, not just the exam results shown on a CV. They want to know you have the personal skills (soft skills) required to be a successful member of their team, these skills commonly include: communication, creativity, work ethic and adaptability.


You need to move with that change and ensure that you’re showing that you possess the skills that employers want in today’s environment. Here’s where Bragfolder comes in.



Instead of trying to summarise everything you do in a typed out CV, why not show it using blogs, videos, photos, and recommendations? Bring your interests to life. Show what you do, and the qualities it takes to do that. Let an employer know what others think of you using the recommendation feature. Store and display certificates, and awards, as well as photos and videos from things like sports, art, drama, music or charity work. Make no mistake, those things say a lot about you.


You can tag your content and link it to an interactive CV that will give any potential employer a comprehensive understanding of what you do, all in a 21st century format.

Add a Bragfolder link to your CV and you’ll allow employers to not only view your CV but also to access your profile and see the effort you’ve made.

Unlike much of social media or business networking, Bragfolder is completely private. You decide who sees it, what they see and how long they see it for.

You can add to Bragfolder online or via the app, making adding photos and other content easy to do on the go.


As well as creating a winning profile for your job search, you can also view the pages of employers offering trainee roles and apprenticeships and apply, all directly from the site. For those looking at college or university, we’re also adding a list of those for you to choose from.