The personality traits that characterise you as a person

What are soft skills?

Essentially, soft skills are character traits that are vital in the hiring process and the work place.


These differ from hard skills, which in the working sense, are normally things like exams, experience of a particular thing, or a learned trade or professional function.


The importance of soft skills has grown rapidly over the last few years, with the majority of employers now listing soft skills as every bit as important as hard skills, in terms of how people succeed and progress within a company.                         


Work ethic

Team Work


Problem solving


Attention to detail



Interpersonal skills




When you look at that list, it’s easy to see why employers want potential employees to demonstrate soft skills just as much as their academic qualifications. You can’t get qualified in these things so you need to show them in other ways and make your application stand out. Remember, your qualifications can potentially get you on an interview list, but they won’t win you the job.


With Bragfolder, you can demonstrate many soft skills through things like art, sport, drama, music, charity work or any special interest or past-time that you have.


As a registered user, you can find out much more about how your Bragfolder can really demonstrate your soft skills and get tips from industry experts that will help you create a stand-out profile.