About Bragfolder

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, Bragfolder is a term that’s used to describe a physical folder that you might take to an interview containing all your certificates and awards. You would take your Bragfolder to interview to set yourself apart from others and show what you’d achieved. And you’ll be doing just that, but in a modern digital format


Bragfolder is a unique interactive platform, giving you the ability to self-promote and really show the things that make you stand out.The Bragfolder platform connects you directly to Universities, Colleges and local/national companies, helping you to further your education or your career. Importantly, the Bragfolder platform is free to use. No membership fee. No subscription fee


Your Bragfolder is really your own personal statement brought to life, your CV, your recommendation book, your blog and your achievement folder, all in the right place, all available for viewing, but only by the people you grant access to. Your profile is unique and completely private


You can upload photos, certificates, links to video, documents, blogs, recommendations, and even use them in conjunction with a CV function that’s lets you connect to employers in a way that old fashioned CVs never can.


If you’re starting your career, you can add value to your application by highlighting all the soft skills that are so vital in securing the job you want. You can demonstrate the value of the things that you’ve got an interest in, like sport, art, drama, music or charity work. And if you have genuine passion for a subject or career, you can use Bragfolder to demonstrate that.  Likewise, if you have a part-time job, make sure you show the effort you make, and show what your employer or workmates think about you. All these things help show what you're about


Are you creative?


Are you a team player?


What do your peers or colleagues say about you?


Can you demonstrate a good work ethic?


Do you do community or charity work?


Do you take pride in your achievements?


What is important to you?

If you’re a student, Bragfolder gives you a platform to show the depth of your contribution to your chosen course, and it also adds real value to any part time work you do during your studies. All your information is stored and displayed how you choose. Letting you decide what’s relevant for any role apply for.


You’ll be able to upload your information and documents simply and securely. Reference requests are pre-populated to make it simple to gain a recommendation. You can file everything which means that all your content is easy to find, for whenever you need it.


Create your personalised profile online and access it anytime, anywhere via the Bragfolder app.