This is the Bragfolder...

Bragfolder is your place to build a long lasting history of you and your career complete with customer, colleague and employer testimonials; photos and letters detailing your achievements; a blogging function for you to add regular updates; and a CV facility that is interactive and brings your career to life. Whether you’re already employed, working part-time during your degree or just starting your apprenticeship, your Bragfolder is your place to showcase all the good stuff.

All your good stuff, all in one place

Explainer Video

quick overview of what Bragfolder is all about and how it helps your job application and online presence.

Set yourself apart

It’s not a networking tool. It’s not social media. Bragfolder is the thing that sets you apart from others and is an ongoing comprehensive guide to your working life and achievements, as well as showing people the kind of individual you are.

It’s easy to get others to send you their testimonials and recommendations. Just add their email address and with one click they’ll receive a pre-set recommendation email they can type into from their phone, PC or tablet, and you’ll get to see it before it's published.

You can add photos of awards, projects, conferences, graduations, certificates and even your efforts for charity. Anything that will give people a good idea about you and the person you are. You can even add documents from CPD files (continued professional development)

Your privacy is important

It’s not a public folder, it’s private. You choose who to show it to, you choose how long they can access it. Be it for a job or University application, why send an ordinary CV when you can send one that comes to life on screen? One that provides relevant content, endorses the things you’ve done and recognises the effort you’ve made.

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